I’m Beamer and this is my website. I’m a nine-year-old greyhound that was retired from racing by the track when I was three. I never won a race and came in second only three times. As I was not a moneymaker, I was not a keeper.

I got lucky. My owners placed me with a Tucson rescue group where my Mom and her buddy Griseldis volunteered for ‘turnout’ every Sunday morning. They swabbed down the cages, changed the rugs, exercised and fed the hounds, and took care of minor medical issues. Mom has fostered lots of retired racing greyhounds but never adopted one – that is, until she met me in the fall of 2007. Yep, I’m a charmer and I can spin a yarn about the antics of greyhounds I’ve known and those I’ve shared digs with. Check out my blog.

If you’re a greyhound with a story to tell or information to share, shoot it to me using Your Turn on the blog page.

Keep Roo-ing!