Time to Say Goodbye!

by Glenda on May 8, 2013

IMG_00612-300x225The day I’ve been dreading since early spring arrived this morning. It was time for Ice to cross over the rainbow bridge. He started having seizures in late March 2012, and they continued, usually about five weeks apart. In late August, however, they began to occur every three weeks. Late on Sunday afternoon, 10/21, the day that Gypsy went to her new home, Ice had a severe seizure and wandered around the kitchen for three hours trying to recover. I knew it was time. This morning, I made the appointment withTwin PeaksVeterinaryCenterfor 9:30 a.m.

At 9:00 a.m., Ice had another seizure, not as severe, but to me this was a sign that I’d made the right decision for him. Five minutes later, as Ice began to recover, I swept him up in my arms, placed him in the back of my SUV, and drove him to the clinic. The plan was for a vet technician to insert … whatever into Ice’s forearm and then return Ice to me in the treatment room. Ice would be sedated and fall asleep in my arms before Dr. Laton administered … whatever. Unfortunately, the plan did not play out as arranged.

Ice started seizing again as the technician was working with him. I had a choice. I could wait for the seizure to abate and proceed with the process, or I could give approval for my little prince to be euthanized immediately. I chose the latter. I wish I could have held my boy in my arms one last time, kissed his nose and told him how much I loved him, and how much joy he’d brought into my life, but watching my little darling’s face and body contort and shudder during seizures, I could not prolong his suffering and need for peace. It was time to let go.

I’m an emotional train wreck.
(Originally published October 22, 2012)

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