Outsmart That Fur Kid When It’s Time for Medication!

by Glenda on May 10, 2013

No doubt I’m preaching to the choir, but in case a new foster or adopter has to give medication to their fur kid, and they’re running into fur obstacles, here’s a way that works when a fur kid outsmarts its human companions.

I’m used to greyhounds that swallow whatever treat is handed to them, hidden within, of course, is medication. So, what happens when your greyhound is smart enough to nose the pill around the food dish, eat everything else, but leave the pill? Or, sniff and chew the treat, discover the pill, and spit it out. Yes, my latest fur kid is smart, but I figured, although of average intelligence, surely I’m smarter than a greyhound, right?

My foster kid, Jill, recently spayed, is on antibiotics. She prompted this posting because she’s an expert at avoiding medication, until today! I had a flash of inspiration.

All it takes is a kitchen mallet for pills, and a sharp knife for capsules. I sprinkle my fur kid’s food with chicken broth and a little minced chicken, or Jack Mackerel, or Tuna, whatever. Once I crush the pill with the mallet or slice through the capsule with the knife, I sprinkle the medication throughout the dog’s dish, and sprinkle those spots with chicken broth. Then I mix in the chicken or fish, stir the concoction – not shaken, sorry James – and present as a fete accompli to the dog.

I was purposely nonchalant when I placed Jill’s dinner plate before her on her cardboard box that serves as a raised feeding dish. Yes, one of these days when I see something elegant, and not those chunky feeders, I’ll switch, but right now, the cardboard box fulfils its mission as a raised feeding dish.

I take cover in my computer area, and peer around the wall to watch how Jill handles my underhanded method of giving medications. She wolfed down her second meal for the day, licked the bowl, and then plopped down on her favorite doggie bed.

MissionAccomplished “M.” Let me know when I can pick up my bonus check!

(Originally published December 4, 2012)

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